Splurge of the Season!

I believe in a good investment.  My bank account and plans to save for the future do not always see me eye to eye on this one.  I do, however, invest in something from time to time that will last, can be integrated into my wardrobe a lot of different ways and is not so trendy that I’ll be thinking, “did I seriously just pay $150 for suspenders” down the road.  Don’t get me wrong, I embrace the new “have to have” items, but usually not for over $50.

All that being said, I recently decided to take the plunge (after a lot of saving) and buy the Stuart Weitzman Over the Knee 50 50 Boots.  Yes, the price still gives me convulsions, but the fact of the matter is – I LOVE them.


Photo taken from Stuart Weitzman

My guidelines to a successful splurge are what I like to call the 4 C’s:

-comfort (this for a fashion lover is anything that allows you to physically get through the night – just kidding… sort of)

-compatibility (does this fit with your lifestyle, wardrobe and personality?  I would not condone splurging on an amazing down puffer jacket for example because I live in California where I really don’t need one.  Instead I just bought the discounted version like a reasonable person at an outlet mall on the way back from Palm Springs recently, because I go to New York…. in the winter….. sometimes)

-condition (what will this look like in 5 years if I use it a lot, which you should be doing if it’s a worth while piece)

-compliments (I’m not gonna lie – if I’m paying money for something, I want return.  The way I see it, the more expensive it is, the more compliments I need to be satisfied with the price… shallow, but for a person who is tortured by a love of luxury fashion, added with an extreme proneness to buyer’s remorse – it helps.)

DISCLAIMER: I’ve broken all of these rules and have insanely impractical items in my closet at this very moment that I pretend I didn’t convince myself were worth it.  (I.E. leather driving gloves and 6 in heels – I’m 5’10” and there is no reason, under any circumstance I should be allowed out of the house coming in at 6’4″, only 2″ shorter than the average NBA player)

The fact of the matter is, these boots check out.  All of my requirements were met with flying colors.  Not only are they insanely comfortably (they are pull on – leather front, elastic back), but they are easy to wear and can be worn so many different ways (I love wearing them with something simple like a t-shirt and skinny jeans because it instantly cleans up a casual look).  They’re made well and let me tell you – I can barely leave the house without someone asking where to get them.  These sort of things are also great because just to break it down really simply – they take up 1/3 of your body, which means without even thinking, close to 1/2 of you already looks great.  In my book, that’s a win.

They come in a variety of shapes (heeled, flat, over the knee, under the knee) and ways (leather, suede), but I would recommend flat (1″), leather (called Black Nappa), over the knee.

Stuart Weitzman Over the Knee 50 50 Boot $595

Want the look at a better price?  If I hadn’t shelled out for the 50 50’s, I was also looking into the below styles as alternatives:

Image Image Image  Image  ImageImageImage

From Left to Right: Dr. Jay’s Cam Boot $32.99, Delia’s Isabella Over the Knee Boot $36.50, Type Z Woodward Boot $70.99, Aldo $104.99, Chinese Laundry Otterbein Boot $109.95, Steve Madden Hazele Boot $199.95, Frye Shirley Over-the-Knee Riding Boot $448

Can’t find your size or want something else?  I love a challenge!  Email me and I’ll do what I can to help you out: taylorbraun@mac.com

Photos of boots taken from left to right: DrJays.com, Delias.com, Zappos.com, Zappos.com, ChineseLaundry.com, SteveMadden.com, Zappos.com

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