Personalizing Your Home

I’m always trying to find ways to improve my home.  I’ve found it easiest to do this in small ways, since like most people in Los Angeles, I rent an apartment.  Painting walls and hanging chandeliers are things I’ve tried and hugely regretted upon moving out and having to get the space back to its original condition.  Even so, I was determined to find a way to make these temporary homes feel like home all while accepting that my “DIY” skills are just not up to par.  (See photo below of an at-home bookend project I tried to undertake recently and next to it, a photo of what I was trying to do… pinterest is both a blessing and a curse for me.)


Photo on the right taken from quitecamile/

See the upper corner of the right brick?  That was as far as I got to making them look deconstructed.  What I have found, however, is that just because you may not be incredibly crafty (whether that’s because you don’t have the time/patience/talent or in my case all three) doesn’t mean you can’t create a nice environment for yourself.

My favorite ways to cheer up a tired nest are simple, but take finding things that are personal and make you feel good.  I have compiled some pictures below of some of my favorite accents to my own home that brighten up the place and make it a little more unique.

Top pics: Candy jars bought at Home Goods (one of my favorite home accessories stores), were supposed to only be for decoration, but its’ contents are mysteriously diminishing.  Find similar style online at Crate & Barrel.  Shown with one of my favorite scents Voluspa Fleurs De Fete.

Bottom pics: Green flower pot and artificial white hydrangeas bought at Bed Bath & Beyond and small votive holders.  Next to them, a small translucent vase with artificial yellow roses bought at (my favorite online artificial flower outlet – great prices!), shown with two glass bottles I normally fill with sparkling and flat water for dinner parties bought at Surfas, but you can buy similar bottles online at The Container Store.

Top pics: A patterned black and translucent candle I’ve had forever with a turquoise flower pot bought at World Market holding artificial pink snapdragons, pink peonies and white hydrangeas.

Bottom pics: A mini candle by Voluspa called Gardenia Colonia, which I love with a clear vase from Home Goods holding artificial white peonies. (*note: all flowers from G and G Webstore needed to be cut to fit in vases, which isn’t easy – although you are probably stronger than I am… see above picture of brick project – but they last forever!)

I keep my eye out for things like this because they can often times be inexpensive and really change the entire atmosphere in your home.  Below, find my list of things I’ve been lusting for in these categories.


Large Lime Helene Vale from Gretel Home (photo taken from website) $79

Recycled Glass Footed Vase from Pottery Barn (photo taken from website) $39.99

Recycled Glass Jugs from West Elm (photo taken from website) $19/small jug, $29/large jug

Mint Julep Cups from saveoncrafts (photo taken from website) $8/cup, $30/4 cups

Artificial Flowers

Faux White Cherry Blossom Branch from Pottery Barn (photo taken from website) $49.99

Faux Acacia Branch from Pottery Barn (photo taken from website) $9.99

*Yes, these are a little more expensive than the ones I have from G and G, but they look great in person

Candle Holders

Numi Candleholders from CB2 (photo taken from website) $4.95 each

Votive Holders

Vintage Green Votive Holder (flower motif) from Luna Bazaar (photo taken from website) $6.50

Vintage Pink Tealight Candle Holder (diamond motif) from Luna Bazaar (photo taken from website) $4.50

Opal White Embossed Glass Candle Holder (Fleur de Lis) from Luna Bazaar (photo taken from website) $6

Silver-Plated Travel Tealight Holder from Pottery Barn (photo taken from website) $14.99

*I love the idea of traveling with this monogrammed tealight holder as a way to make a hotel a little more peaceful

Tealight Candles

Home Scents Jasmine Bouquet Hand Poured Wax Votive Candles from Target (photo taken from website) $5.19

Beanpod Tealight Candles in Fresh Linen from Amazon (photo taken from website) $6.63

*pair these with the Travel Tealight Holder from Pottery Barn for trips


Diptyque Paris candle in Figuier (photo taken from website) $60/full size, $28/mini

Tocca candle in Grace from CandleDelirium (photo taken from website) $38

Sir Elton John Woodside Garden Candle from Neiman Marcus (photo taken from website)$38

*Once all the wax is gone, use these candle holders to hold your makeup brushes, freshly picked flowers or cotton balls

Other Scented Things

Diptyque Paris Scented Oval in Baies (photo taken from website) $45

*hang this over your bathroom or closet door handle

Jo Malone Lime & Basil Mandarin Scent Surround Drawer Liners (photo taken from website)$45/5 sheets

*line your drawers with these lightly scented liners

8 thoughts on “Personalizing Your Home

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    • Thank you! I love fresh flowers but have more of a manicured thumb than a green one, so finding a good artificial flower service was a must. They still brighten up the room.

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