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I’m always on the lookout for things to keep around the house that help me get organized and cut down on time.  There’s too much going on every day to remember everything and there’s nothing worse than remembering your best friend’s birthday… was yesterday.  I was so excited to find a Birthday Calendar that is both cute and useful year after year.  The flip-book is by Linda & Harriet.  They’ve chosen 12 unique, eye catching designs for each month, printed on a nice thick card stock – and for $30?  It’s a steal!  photos below taken from website


Home/Office Accessories:

Gold Piggy Bank from Design Public photo taken from website $200

*Saving money can be fun!


Magnetic Kitchen Timer from Kikkerland photo taken from website $17
*put this on your fridge

Love the Pack This and What to Eat lists from Knock Knock photos taken from website $6.50 each
*The Pack This list has everything you could ever need for a trip so you can check off what you have and see what you are missing.  The What To Eat list helps you plan what to buy for the week at the grocery store.

Letter Set from Kate Spade photo taken from website $39
*comes with 15 note-cards for 5 different occasions so you’ll never be stopping at a grocery store on the way to a party again
Mini Address Book from Moleskin and Fun Pencils from Anthropologie photos taken from website $5.95+ (depending on size) and $12
*It’s funny how no one has anyone’s address anymore!  It becomes useful when you want to send out an invitation to something or a birthday surprise for a friend.  I always write in pencil, however, because my friends move almost every year!
Colored Journal from The Daily Planner photo taken from website $22.95
*I write a lot of notes and like to keep a journal with me at all times.  I love how this one has different colored pages.
Gift Set Binder from Russell + Hazel photo taken from website $48
*I’m crazy about filing everything and am always on the lookout for binders that don’t scream Staples or Office Depot.  This site has lots of fun options and this gift set comes with great dividers, paper and sticky notes
Mail and Key Rack from Bed Bath & Beyond photo taken from website $9.99
*I’m always misplacing my keys, so getting in the habit of putting them on a key rack is critical.  I also love how this one has a place for mail – I would put unpaid bills in there and not take them out until they are paid.

Desktop File from Russell + Hazel photo taken from website $30
*Russell + Hazel has all sizes of these boxes to store documents, gift wrapping or whatever you might need to organize and I like how the grey is a little more chic than the styles you might fight at a larger retailer

*I saw these and couldn’t not post them.  A dictionary and thesaurus totally dedicated to Fashion terms??  Kind of amazing.  They also have a standard Patent Leather Dictionary and Patent Leather Thesaurus.  This site is filled with great office/home supplies as well!  Check it out.

Wake Up Light Plus from Philips photo taken from website $169.99
*Part of being organized is having the time to do what you need to.  Right now I just use the alarm on my phone, but have been keeping my eye out for something a little less startling.  This machine actually simulates the sun rising 30 minutes before your alarm.  The light gets gradually stronger until you have to get up and what’s better is it comes with soothing sounds that start silent and get louder as the minutes go by.  THIS is how we should be waking up!!

8 thoughts on “Home Organization

  1. THANK YOU for introducing me to russel and hazel…I am obsessed and am about to order the mini black book with additional pages of course!

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