Coffee Table Books

I’ve been called a hoarder of magazines and like to think of Coffee Tables Books as the more sophisticated and grown up version.  They’re fun to flip through and a nice thing to have for when guests visit.  Personally, I choose ones that accent my home and stand out as little accessories since they are more than not for decoration than read cover to cover.

Here are some that I own/want:


Who What Wear $14.06, 100 Ideas that Changed Fashion $19.77, Irreverent $58.82


Ask $9.99, Beauty $13.57, Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual $21.12


Style and Substance: The Best of Elle Decor $29.70, American Fashion Designers at Home $42.55, Perfectly Kept House Is The Sign of A Misspent Life $34.65


Maps $31.50, Influences $3.62, The Big Book of Art $26.37


Mario Testino Let Me In! $336.52, Lady Gaga x terry Richardson $50, Planet Earth $23.81



Islands: 100 Ultimate Escapes $32.85, Lonely Planet’s Best Ever Travel Tips $9.95, The Travel Book $30



Anti-Political Correctness and Inappropriate Jokes: The Perfect Coffee Table Book $9.95, 1200 Pick Up Lines $21.16, Boo: The Life of the World’s Cutest Dog $9.98


Post Secret $16.85, I had the Strangest Dream… $10.19, The Goddess Guide $7.98

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