Board Games

There’s something about taking a night of the weekend to have friends over, cook an easy meal, drink wine and play board games.  It’s often times less expensive than bar hopping and if you’re lucky enough to have great friends and family around you, a way to keep in touch on a more personal level.

I’m also not one to get up and do karaoke or take an Improv class in front of strangers, so singstar or charades is much more my style.

Games that have brought me to tears… laughing…

Battle of the Sexes $21.99

Cranium $24.99

Mad Gab $25.99

Scattergories Categories $17.09

Apples to Apples $22.19

Loaded Questions $22.28

Say Anything $20.03

Would You Rather? $28.99

Catch Phrase $19.99

Buzzword $18.89

Wits & Wagers $20.13

Taboo $37.44

Balderdash $39.93

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