April TestTube!

My April TestTube arrived last week and I’m pleasantly surprised.  Unlike most beauty mailers, this one only comes once every three months and promises bigger and often times better products.

Photo left to right: TestTube box, the actual TestTube!

What came inside/reviews:

Top left: New Beauty Magazine – The Makeover Issue $5.50 or $29.95 for 4 issue subscription.  I like this magazine – good product reviews, but focuses a lot on Doctor’s and the medical side of beauty, which isn’t totally my thing…yet?  I would buy it for the product reviews though.

Top right: $50 giftcard, $25 giftcard and $10 giftcard to SpaLook.com!  UM, this pretty much made the purchase worth it.

Bottom left: Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex $10.88/1.7 fl oz (received .23 fl oz) – I found this product useful.  I really have no complaints, but also didn’t notice anything that noticeably changed after using it for about a week.  I probably would not buy this full size.

Bottom right: dr. brandt Signature Flexitone BB Cream $39/1 oz (received .25 fl oz) – I loved this.  It has SPF 30, provides mild coverage as it matches skin tones and prevents aging.  I like face creams that give me the option to go out after only applying the one product or can be easily layered with other foundations/makeup and this is just that.

Top left: Memoire Liquide Amour Liquide Eau de Parfum $95/1.7 fl oz (received .03 fl oz), Memoire Liquide Soleil Liquide Eau de Parfum $61.80/1.7 fl oz (received .03 fl oz), Memoire Liquide Encens Liquide Creme de la Creme $24/5.1 fl oz (received full size)  – I’m very picky when it comes to perfume.  The Amour is made with pure Madagascar vanilla, tonka bean and incense, but the vanilla overwhelmingly comes through, which was too strong for me.  The Soleil was a little sweet.  It’s made with fresh grapefruit, tangerine, blood orange and neroli flowers, which give it a loud scent.  I wouldn’t buy these.  The Encens Cream got great reviews among other TestTuber’s and while I have to admit the lotion feels great when you put it on, I’m not a fan of the smell on this one either.  Its scent is a bit oily and even a little old.  As someone who likes my products to smell fresh, I wouldn’t buy this again.

Top right: Perlier Lily of the Valley Body Cream $10.50/5.2 fl oz (received 1 fl oz) – I liked this, but was not blown away.  The smell is light, the cream feels good, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to find the full size.

Bottom left: Skinceuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50 $32/1.7 fl oz – I only received a very little of this, but would definitely buy it for my face.  I wouldn’t use it every day, but definitely on vacations where I don’t want to wear makeup.  I like a little extra coverage on my face, so SPF 50 does the trick and it has a nice tint to make you look like effortless, but not completely bare.

Bottom right: NeoStrata Cellular Restoration $79/1.75 fl oz (received .5 fl oz) – I’m not sure I would spent close to $80 on another one of these, but I did like it.  I skin felt nourished after using this and although I didn’t see a drastic difference in my skin after use, it felt good and was easy to layer.

Top left: Skinceuticals C E Ferulic $146/1 fl oz – This is made for people with dry and sensitive skin, which is definitely me so I was excited to test it out.  Sun protection is also important to me, so once I learned about what this product is for – maximizing sun protection – I was definitely intrigued.  I REALLY like this serum.  It’s not something I every thought to use, but my skin felt protected, rejuvenated and awake.

Top right: Moroccan Oil Frizz Control $32/3.4 fl oz (received full size) – This may have been my favorite product in the TestTube.  As you may know by now, I have unruly curls and am constantly battling frizz.  I use this after I shower and brush out my hair, before I blowdry (if I’m even blowdrying at all!).  It definitely controls fly-aways and makes hair really shiny.

Bottom left: YBF Eyeliner in Plum Noir $8.99 on ebay (received full size) – This eyeliner has a sharpener as a cap, so that’s a plus, but the color is a bit odd.  It’s a bright plum that doesn’t flatter my skin tone.  I’ve actually been using it as lip liner!  It goes on nice and if used with primer, stays put!

Bottom right: Mally Eye Shadow Stick in Platinum $25 (received full size) – The shadow stick is an idea I like because it gives you a lot of control.  This one in particular is decent.  It goes on a pit sticky (I don’t like feeling like I have something on my eye) and I’m definitely not a fan of the color, which is a silver/blue.  I probably would use this if it were in the gold/brown family, but I don’t think I’d spend $25 to get one.


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