My New Favorite Hair Product

Hairspray has its strengths and I’ll always have it on hand, but to be honest, I’ve never been too much of a fan.  I like to use a touch of it on a bun or to secure curls (after straightening, then curling), but think there’s a very fine line between using enough to keep the hold and putting on too much.  I’m always very cautious when someone else is doing my hair, making sure they don’t use what sometimes seems like the whole can because I’m just not a person who can pull off the ‘really slicked back’ look.

I like movement and texture.  I prefer styles that appear effortless, beachy and undone, however I’ve always struggled to accomplish the look without some way to secure the end result.  WELL, I seriously have found the answer.  I cannot stress enough how absolutely OBSESSED I am with Unite Expanda Dust $18.99. photo taken from

You tap the powder into your hand and run your fingers through the pieces you want to stay put.  Or, apply it directly to your roots to get volume.  It almost creates a ‘teased’ effect.  Before I got this, I would try baby powder to make my hair look a bit windblown after straightening, but it wasn’t strong enough to survive the whole night… or even the next whole hour.  This stuff is STRONG.  It will feel a bit sticky, but allows you to create so many looks (that I never thought I could accomplish on my own).  Use it for when you put your hair up, use it for when your hair is down… since I’ve bought it, I’ve used it almost every day.  It adds so much body, but in a way that allows you to play with it to really get what you want.  FINALLY.  I’m telling you – buy this.

4 thoughts on “My New Favorite Hair Product

    • That’s exactly how I feel! It’s just too easy to use a bit too much and look like you’re going to an 80’s party. I LOVE this stuff though – so easy to use and works better than anything I’ve tried for hair up and down. It just gives you a more modern look.

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