Prepara Kitchen Tools

I had heard about Prepara from one of Oprah’s Favorite Things back in 2010, but didn’t realize what an amazing company it is until recently.  Their gadgets are smart, useful and they actually work!  I’m a impulse purchase junkie and have all the crazy Television promoted kitchen helpers, which most of the time end in disappointment.  Not this time!  Browse through their website and fall in love with some of their time savers like I have.

My Favorite Prepara Gadgets:

Topper Chopper $24.99

Grind up anything from cookies to graham crackers to get an easy to dip ice cream topping.

Chef’s Bottle Kit $19.99

Drizzle anything from chocolate to oil, also comes with a brush for easy to apply marinades.


Preserves fresh herbs for up to 3 weeks.

Ice Ball Maker $9.99

Make giant ice balls with fresh herbs or fruit inside.

Oil Sprayer $19.99

Portion control by applying oil through this sprayer.

Collapsible Veggie Savor $19.99

Extends life of freshly cut vegetables.

Fillable Ice Pop Maker $9.99

Fill these ice shells with anything from an alcoholic beverage to a decadent desert.

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