My New (Won’t Leave Home Without It) Beauty Essential

I can’t remember the last time my Mom didn’t tell me to get the black off from under my eyes.  It seems no matter what product I’m using, as hours go by, my eyeliner and mascara smudge off a little and it drives her crazy.  It kind of makes me nuts too, but over the years I’ve just learned to have q-tips and concealer on hand.  What makes me even more frustrated is that I don’t feel like this trick really does the whole job, making my ‘under-eye’ darker and more cakey until I can wash my entire face and re-do my makeup (definitely not a solution that’s useful in the middle of the day).

As I was flipping through June’s InStyle beauty section, one of my favorite things happened.  The moment where you say to yourself, ‘Finally!  The problem’s solved.”.  As soon as I read about Almay‘s new makeup eraser swabs, I knew I’d never leave home without them.  I purchased them immediately and at $5.50/24?  Don’t expect me not to have these on hand.

Almay Oil-Free Makeup Eraser Sticks $5.50/24

4 thoughts on “My New (Won’t Leave Home Without It) Beauty Essential

  1. OH MY GOODNESS! I am running out this morning to purchase this not only for me…(my daughters will finally be able to stop motioning to me that there is something under my eyes!LOL) but I will purchase as stocking gifts for all the ladies in my life.

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