Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) is quickly becoming one of my new favorite beauty brands.  There’s nothing I like more than experimenting with color and combining products to get a personalized look.  This company was formed on these principals.  All their products are also vegan and cruelty-free (not only making it better morally, but also for your skin), so that’s another plus!

I’m in love with their Lip Tar, which everyone is talking about because it lasts longer than any lip product I own and is as good for your lips as it looks on them (contains Vitamin E, Hemp Oil and Peppermint Oil).  You only need a little bit (seriously don’t overdo it and use a lip brush) and the product brings vibrant color.  It goes on shiny and dries more matte.  They encourage you to mix colors to make your own and with the variety of amazing colors they offer, it’s almost impossible not to.

When I saw Lucky Magazine’s Daily Deal (if you have not subscribed to this, do it!), which includes 4 amazing colors plus a lip brush for $29.50 (they’re normally $14 each), I literally clapped.

Other Lip Tar Shades I’m Dying To Try ($14):

Other OCC Products I Can’t Wait To Test:

Loose Color Concentrates $12 (easiest to use on eyes, but is designed to work effectively on cheeks, lips and body too!)

Tinted Moisturizer $25

Nail Polish: $8

Primer $25 (use under foundation and eye color to make makeup last)

Lusting For:

OCC Portable Airbrush Makeup Starter Kit $399

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