Prepping For 2013 Already??

This year is going by at a terrifyingly fast pace.  I’m constantly saying that, but it seriously feels to become more and more true as I get older.  If you’ve been reading this blog somewhat consistently, you know I love trying out new things – restaurants, beauty products, scoring a deal on a new top, etc., but there are certain things I have found to work for me that I stay very loyal to.

I’ve always had a thing for calendars, and although most of my schedule is on my phone for convenience, I feel more organized and on top of things if I can physically write the things I need to do on a large calendar.  My absolute favorite is the Paper Source Academic Great Big Wall Calendar $29.95, that normally sits below my laptop.  Of course I stock up on new Gel Pens to color coordinate for the new year as well, and the light brown paper really makes the colors pop!

In the past, I’ve run into trouble forgetting to order one in time and finding myself a quarter into the new year feeling lost because it has been sold out, so last year I decided to sign up for an email reminder, which I just got!  I love Paper Source for fun gifts, stationary, and find this particular product useful because it is big enough to pack in my busy days within its’ squares and also write notes on the side.  I like to put a small resolution on each month’s notes column like “Drink More Water” or “Clean One Drawer/Week” to remind myself that little goals are easier to obtain.  I’m experienced enough to know that year-long resolutions (at least for me) go right out the window.


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