Cupcakes & Cashmere Book

I’m a huge supporter of bloggers.  I find it inspirational to see the wide range of perspectives and personalities that has developed over the web.  I read lots of blogs daily, as well as fulfill my daily dose of creativity by scouring look books and websites before I begin my day.  I’ve never looked at blogging (and try not to look at anything career wise) as a competition, because although at times that drive may lead to an opportunity, I genuinely believe there is enough room in this world for anyone to become successful.

Emily Schuman from Cupcakes & Cashmere was one of the first blogs I followed religiously.  I’ve found her journey so exciting to watch and admire her ability to take on collaborations that stick so true to her vision.  I picked up a copy of her book (found here, $11.85) yesterday and to be honest with you, was expecting a lot of content that has been featured on her blog, not knowing if it was something that would bring more value than things I’ve already read.  I was pleasantly surprised to find a true guide to things I can see were carefully selected in order to be sure its’ contents were useful for longer than the first time you read it.  I definitely suggest checking it out!  There’s great advice ranging from beauty lessons, seasonal recipes, gift giving, throwing parties, dressing/shopping effectively and fun tutorials like creating the perfect bouquet or popping a champagne bottle.

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