Reiko Kaneko Tableware

To say I am completely obsessed with Reiko Kaneko is an understatement.  I just read about her in this month’s Lucky, immediately logged onto the website and have yet to close the page.  My adoration of all things gold has been alive and kicking for as long as I can remember and I’m finding a theme in my home decorating with equal parts luxury and witty.  There’s something about achieving that fine line that creates a well-kept, but still comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

Reiko Kaneko completely got it right.  Her uber professional ceramics with just the right touch of fun instantly moved them to the top of my lust list.

Pieces From Reiko Kaneko’s Collection I’m Dying For:

Drip Tease Mug in Gold $17.50

Drip Tease Cup and Saucer in Gold $28.50

Drip Tease Milk Jug in Gold $25

Lip Tease Mug in Gold $17.50

Lip Tease Cup and Saucer in Gold $28.50

Set of 6 Crack and Thunder Dinner Plates $112

Set of 6 Crack and Thunder Side Plates $90

4 thoughts on “Reiko Kaneko Tableware

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  2. fabulous! I have mugs with a similar licitspk stain’ on them the last time my mama came to stay with me, i found her scrubbing and scrubbing away at one (obviously without her glasses on) trying to remove it. bless.

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