Nespresso: Delonghi Lattissima Plus

I sometimes wonder where my love of coffee came from. I certainly wanted it before I had ever tasted it, probably because I thought it looked so chic when my Mom would wake up early and sip from an oversized mug every morning. My Dad used to tell me I couldn’t have it until I was 16, mainly because it “stunts your growth”, which was an argument that didn’t go far, as he was talking to a thirteen year old who was the tallest in her class… and taller than most boys her age, as well as boys three years older than her. In fact, stunting my growth sounded like the exact thing I needed.

Long story short, on my sixteenth birthday, my Dad and I woke up early to enjoy a Starbucks drink of my choice before school. He drove me there, like he did everyday, beaming with excitement. We walked in the door and the barista blurted out, “Morning, Taylor! Want the regular?”. My Dad is still recuperating from the disappointment I caused him that day.

Flash forward to this Christmas, when I received the coveted Nespresso Delonghi Lattissima Plus. Hands down – changed my life. Not only in the improving my morning routine kind of way, but also in the ‘Oh My God – I’m on my fifth latte and can’t stop’ kinda situation. I’m learning to control it. In any case, it’s a great buy.


Nespresso Delonghi Lattissima Plus $399.95

I’ve been enjoying coffee’s, latte’s and espresso’s with these clear mugs:


Crate & Barrel Cafe Mug $3.95



Crate & Barrel 12 oz. Tumbler $9.95



Crate & Barrel Espresso Cup $7.50

6 thoughts on “Nespresso: Delonghi Lattissima Plus

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    • Answer:By:karina k Cant find that machine on the net. But most pump mahcenis will have a espresso or brew switch and then a steamer setting. Most steam mahcenis will have one switch and a knob to control the steam. (pump machine is recomended)Take your espresso grounds and pack them in the coffee holder (about 30 lb of pressure to pack the grounds with the tamper) then turn the machine to brew draw your espresso shot ( i prefer the double shot about 30 seconds is recommended). Pour about 6 oz of milk in a measuring cup ( i use glass, stainless steel is recommended) switch the machine to steam and froth the milk till its about 180 degrees and nice and foamy. Add to coffee, add any sugar or other flavorings you want and drink hopefully your machine is a pump machine. If your making more than one drink pull the drinks before doing the steam as the water will be too hot for a good espresso. Try to use fresh roasted espresso beans for the best flavor.hope this helped

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