Holiday Hysteria

I remember being consumed with the idea of Santa when I was younger.  Obsessed with him.  I mean, this guy didn’t even really know me… I stopped buying into that ‘good girl’/’bad girl’ threat at the age of four when I stole a classmate’s fruit roll up, lied about it and still got Christmas presents that December.  The physical reaction that took place on Christmas mornings for me were like what I only assume dropping Acid in a room full of cash, while simultaneously being cheered on by your closest friends and family would be and just like a drug, it happens in stages.

First?  Anticipation.  The nights leading up to Xmas day were filled with angst and high hopes and around the 20th, sh*t got real.  Sweating, the shakes, scenarios running through my head… I needed it.  I needed it to be the 25th.  This hit a high point at the end of Christmas Eve dinner when I knew it was really in sight.  We got the goods.  To describe the night’s of 12/24 between the years of approx. 1992-1999 would basically be similar to a multiple personality, caged animal with a bad case of tourettes breaking out in random laughs, cries and keywords from my Christmas list.. “KABOODLE!!!?!?!??”, “TOMAGATCHI!?!??”, “CASH REGISTER!!!?!?”.  I really don’t have any recollection after this, so I can only assume my parents had to step in and slip me some kind of sleep aid and for that, I am eternally grateful.

I wake up, deceived.  HOW did this happen?  I fell asleep.. impossible.  No time for thoughts – C$H$R$I$T$M$A$S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Later in life, I learned the only way to describe this moment is…


taken from here

The sad reality is that this process, although traumatic, is magic and as we get older, it fades.  You learn that not everything you believed in was true (in my case, I found out when my Jewish best friend asked me when I found out that my idol, my beloved, my rockstar, Santa Claus didn’t really exist.  I responded confidentently and carefree, “HA, seriously.. I’ve known for ages………  I must be going now”, quickly turned my back and cried the entire way home).  But, then you fill the void with the memory of innocence and with appreciation for your parents going through all kinds of trouble to make the day as mind blowing as it was… I mean, my Dad once drove three hours north to meet a woman in a parking lot in the freezing cold to exchange a sold-out-everywhere Furby for more cash than than that loud, needy toy (that doesn’t turn off, by the way) was ever worth.  And yes, I still love Christmas.  Some part of me reverts back to that selfish, bratty, unappreciative eight year old every year and the spirit of children lives on.

*Reference to drugs was used for humor’s sake.  Don’t do drugs.  Just love Christmas.

Top Items On My List (in no particular order)


Prada 0PR 23OS Sunglasses $245


Proenza Schouler PS1 Wallet $165


Gorjana Alphabet Coin Bracelet $60


Vince Camuto ‘Tipper’ Boot $179


Lulu Guiness Blush-Perspex Lips Clutch $390




Etsy’s Naomilingerie Black Satin and Cotton Cat Eye Mask $23.07







Nixon Time Teller Watch $99.99






Coach Legacy Leather Large Wristlet $108






Urban Decay Naked2 Palette $50






Rebecca Taylor Giselle Leopard Zip-Around Wallet $78






Too Faced 3 Way Lash Lining Tool $22






T by Alexander Wang Inverted Pleated Dress $129







Nars Night Flight Nail Polish $18







Current Elliott Stiletto Jean in Day Glow Pink $65






Boutaugh Bow Tie in Pink $68






J Crew Vintage Short Sleeve Pajama Set $78






Anthropologie Kismet Knit Turban $48






Ka’Oir Wifey Lipstick $15.99






MAC Pro Lip Palette $40



1 1



Kate Spade Colorblocked Silicone iPhone 4 Case $35






Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray $19.50-39






Nespresso Latissima Plus $399






Sephora by OPI Gelshine At Home Gel Colour System $159






Jiffy Steamer $58.12






Frends Taylor Rose Gold Headphones $199







Ciate Mother of Pearl Caviar Manicure $27.95







Nikon 1 J1 10MP Digital Camera $399.99






Current Elliott Stiletto Jean in Camel Leopard $198





The Little Dictionary of Fashion $19.95


Paige Denim Edgemont Ultra Skinny Jeans in Cheer $167.30

Hair Accessories

Summer promises lots of events to attend.  In preparation, I always keep my eye out for accessories that enhance a basic solid dress or something that allows me to reinvent things I’ve already worn.  There are so many great hair accessories available that scale from subtle to conversational.  A simple beachy wave or an undone high bun and one of these added touches is my favorite way to conquer effortless Summer hair.

Hair Accessories I’m Gushing Over:

Tigerlilly Olive Comb $40

Ban.Do Mini Ban.Do Heart $10

Jennifer Behr Multichain Headwrap $98

TheHoneyComb Cherry Blossom Headband $55

Free People Mixed Thread Hair Wraps $14

Tigerlilly Sinara Comb $60

Deepa Gurnani Crystal & Pearl Headband $44

Tigerlilly Tuesday Headband $120

Ban.Do Chiffon Pom Pom Duet Set $25

Jennifer Behr Rosita Tiny Crystal Scallop Headwrap $168

Free People Flower Braid Halo $58

Tigerlilly Bianca Headband $140

Ban.Do Contrast Headwrap $35

Tigerlilly Delfin Headband $200

Forever 21 Beaded Feather Bobby Pin $4.80

Deepa Gurnani Floral Crystal Embellished Comb $105

GiantDwarf Constellation Crown $98

Forever 21 Two-Tone Braided Headwrap $2.80

Jennifer Behr Fluoro Plastic Orchid Comb $198

Free People Tonal Ribbon Flower Headdress $48

My New Favorite Hair Product

Hairspray has its strengths and I’ll always have it on hand, but to be honest, I’ve never been too much of a fan.  I like to use a touch of it on a bun or to secure curls (after straightening, then curling), but think there’s a very fine line between using enough to keep the hold and putting on too much.  I’m always very cautious when someone else is doing my hair, making sure they don’t use what sometimes seems like the whole can because I’m just not a person who can pull off the ‘really slicked back’ look.

I like movement and texture.  I prefer styles that appear effortless, beachy and undone, however I’ve always struggled to accomplish the look without some way to secure the end result.  WELL, I seriously have found the answer.  I cannot stress enough how absolutely OBSESSED I am with Unite Expanda Dust $18.99. photo taken from

You tap the powder into your hand and run your fingers through the pieces you want to stay put.  Or, apply it directly to your roots to get volume.  It almost creates a ‘teased’ effect.  Before I got this, I would try baby powder to make my hair look a bit windblown after straightening, but it wasn’t strong enough to survive the whole night… or even the next whole hour.  This stuff is STRONG.  It will feel a bit sticky, but allows you to create so many looks (that I never thought I could accomplish on my own).  Use it for when you put your hair up, use it for when your hair is down… since I’ve bought it, I’ve used it almost every day.  It adds so much body, but in a way that allows you to play with it to really get what you want.  FINALLY.  I’m telling you – buy this.

Hair Tools

I remember the first hair tool I ever had.  It was a hand-me-down Conair straightener that had definitely seen better days.  I spend my childhood so envious of girls with pin straight hair and didn’t understand how I got stuck with what I had.  The problem wasn’t that I hated curls, it was that I hated frizz – and volume – and knotty, matted hair that took hours to comb through and seemed to have a personality of its own.

I spent hours holding my beloved Conair to my roots and slowly moving down to the ends of my long hair.  I literally would hold the straightener on my hair until the steam coming from the device was so intense I thought my hair would fall out.  What resulted was usually something that looked like a teased lion, but I held hope – that one day there would be tools to help me accomplish what I wanted.

And that day came.  For someone with unruly hair, buying quality tools is essential to getting looks you want.  My curls have grown on me over time, but only because I now always have options and these tools are the reason…



GHD Classic 1 in Styler $185, BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium 1 1/4 Ionic Straightener $139.99


CHI Croc Flat Iron $99.95, HANA Professional Flat Iron $129.98


Sedu Pro Ironic Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron $129.99, Remington Frizz Therapy Straightener $44.93

Curling Irons:


Hot Tools Gold Curling Iron $29.99, Naluwaver $179.99


Remington CI95AC Ceramic Curling Wand $21.24, Sultra ‘The Bombshell’ Iron $130


Hot Tools Ceramix TI Tourmaline Curling Iron $44.99, T3 SinglePass Whirl Styling Wand $130

Hot Rollers:


T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers Set $99, Calista Tools ION Hot Rollers $99


Conair Infiniti Pro Argan Oil Hot Rollers $39.99, Caruso Professional ProSet Steam Hairsetter $42.99


BaByliss Pro BABHS40 Ceramic and Ionix Rollers $119.99, T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers 1.75 Inch $20

Blow Dryers:


Fetish Plus $249.95 (known as the quietest dryer ever), Twin Turbo 3200 $144.99


Ultra CHI Red Pro Dryer $99.95, Parlux 3200 Compact Dryer $119.79


T3 Featherweight Luxe $250, Solano 232K Dryer $83.95

My New Favorite Hair Tool

I went to an all girls school before college so most of us spent Monday-Friday in the hairstyle I would later learn (in the real world) is preserved for girls at clubs after 2 am – essentially where you just throw your hair on top of your head and call it a bun. Being born with naturally thick and curly locks, I was always enamored with those with tame, beachy waves or pin straight hair. Yes, I understand that my hair can accomplish a lot of different looks, whereas it’s harder to make curls stick for someone who doesn’t have it, but you know what else my hair can do? Grow three inches (vertically) at the sign of moisture, randomly decide ‘I’m done being straight’ in the middle of a night out after you’ve spent an hour blow drying and 45 minutes flat ironing or go beyond tangled into full on matted after a casual day at the beach.

Needless to say, I’m always looking for ways to manage my hair. I’ve tried what seems like millions of products and tools and although most of the time I feel like they’re not very effective, every once and a while I find something that really helps. I recently heard about some special combs sold on that are infused with things like Argan Oil (also known as Moroccan Oil – a treatment that swears to add shine and de-frizz) and Keratin (a smoother). They gradually release the products into your hair while combing and because the combs are under $12 and the brushes under $25, I decided it was worth a try.

I decided to start with the No-Frizz Pocket Comb ($7) and the ArganPlus Shaper ($9). These little guys are actually baked with oils that apply essential ingredients t0 deflect bacteria and add shine without looking greasy, all while smoothing out fly-aways. The packaging says they can be used on either wet or dry hair, but for the best results, use it after you straighten, blow-dry (with a diffuser for curly girls) or air dry. I’ve been keeping the pocket comb in my purse, using it to touch up mid-day and use the argan comb after I style/dry my hair in the morning and have honestly noticed a difference. My curls are more defined and my hair actually feels stronger/healthier. I’m loving these right now and can’t believe they supposedly last for a year – check out the different styles and shapes here and here.

*Rickys re-stocks often, but if the one you want is sold out, they can also be purchased on, just type “RickyCare” into the search bar

Other combs/brushes I’ve been wanting to try:

Goody Quik Style Paddle Brush from Target (photo taken from website) $11.99

Goody Quik Style Detangling Shower Comb from Target (photo taken from website) $5.29

*use both of these products in the shower after you condition your hair

Braun Satin Ion Brush from (photo taken from website) $42.99

Tangle Teezer Detangling Brush from (photo taken from website) $9.75

Boar Round Brush for blow-drying from Sephora (photo taken from website) $29

Philip B Hairbrush Cleaner from (photo taken from website) $15