Holiday Hysteria

I remember being consumed with the idea of Santa when I was younger.  Obsessed with him.  I mean, this guy didn’t even really know me… I stopped buying into that ‘good girl’/’bad girl’ threat at the age of four when I stole a classmate’s fruit roll up, lied about it and still got Christmas presents that December.  The physical reaction that took place on Christmas mornings for me were like what I only assume dropping Acid in a room full of cash, while simultaneously being cheered on by your closest friends and family would be and just like a drug, it happens in stages.

First?  Anticipation.  The nights leading up to Xmas day were filled with angst and high hopes and around the 20th, sh*t got real.  Sweating, the shakes, scenarios running through my head… I needed it.  I needed it to be the 25th.  This hit a high point at the end of Christmas Eve dinner when I knew it was really in sight.  We got the goods.  To describe the night’s of 12/24 between the years of approx. 1992-1999 would basically be similar to a multiple personality, caged animal with a bad case of tourettes breaking out in random laughs, cries and keywords from my Christmas list.. “KABOODLE!!!?!?!??”, “TOMAGATCHI!?!??”, “CASH REGISTER!!!?!?”.  I really don’t have any recollection after this, so I can only assume my parents had to step in and slip me some kind of sleep aid and for that, I am eternally grateful.

I wake up, deceived.  HOW did this happen?  I fell asleep.. impossible.  No time for thoughts – C$H$R$I$T$M$A$S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Later in life, I learned the only way to describe this moment is…


taken from here

The sad reality is that this process, although traumatic, is magic and as we get older, it fades.  You learn that not everything you believed in was true (in my case, I found out when my Jewish best friend asked me when I found out that my idol, my beloved, my rockstar, Santa Claus didn’t really exist.  I responded confidentently and carefree, “HA, seriously.. I’ve known for ages………  I must be going now”, quickly turned my back and cried the entire way home).  But, then you fill the void with the memory of innocence and with appreciation for your parents going through all kinds of trouble to make the day as mind blowing as it was… I mean, my Dad once drove three hours north to meet a woman in a parking lot in the freezing cold to exchange a sold-out-everywhere Furby for more cash than than that loud, needy toy (that doesn’t turn off, by the way) was ever worth.  And yes, I still love Christmas.  Some part of me reverts back to that selfish, bratty, unappreciative eight year old every year and the spirit of children lives on.

*Reference to drugs was used for humor’s sake.  Don’t do drugs.  Just love Christmas.

Top Items On My List (in no particular order)


Prada 0PR 23OS Sunglasses $245


Proenza Schouler PS1 Wallet $165


Gorjana Alphabet Coin Bracelet $60


Vince Camuto ‘Tipper’ Boot $179


Lulu Guiness Blush-Perspex Lips Clutch $390




Etsy’s Naomilingerie Black Satin and Cotton Cat Eye Mask $23.07







Nixon Time Teller Watch $99.99






Coach Legacy Leather Large Wristlet $108






Urban Decay Naked2 Palette $50






Rebecca Taylor Giselle Leopard Zip-Around Wallet $78






Too Faced 3 Way Lash Lining Tool $22






T by Alexander Wang Inverted Pleated Dress $129







Nars Night Flight Nail Polish $18







Current Elliott Stiletto Jean in Day Glow Pink $65






Boutaugh Bow Tie in Pink $68






J Crew Vintage Short Sleeve Pajama Set $78






Anthropologie Kismet Knit Turban $48






Ka’Oir Wifey Lipstick $15.99






MAC Pro Lip Palette $40



1 1



Kate Spade Colorblocked Silicone iPhone 4 Case $35






Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray $19.50-39






Nespresso Latissima Plus $399






Sephora by OPI Gelshine At Home Gel Colour System $159






Jiffy Steamer $58.12






Frends Taylor Rose Gold Headphones $199







Ciate Mother of Pearl Caviar Manicure $27.95







Nikon 1 J1 10MP Digital Camera $399.99






Current Elliott Stiletto Jean in Camel Leopard $198





The Little Dictionary of Fashion $19.95


Paige Denim Edgemont Ultra Skinny Jeans in Cheer $167.30

Cocktail Rings

I’m a bit bipolar when it comes to rings.  For everyday, I tend to gravitate towards delicate styles, however I also love a good statement piece.  A bold ring can spark conversation, make you remembered and is a great way to give an outfit personality.  Choosing fun, more lighthearted accessories can also break up a straightforward look.  Whether it’s a bright color or unique shape, adding dramatic rings to your jewelry collection is smart.  They’re easy to wear and can go with almost anything – from jeans to ballgown.

Cocktail Rings I’d Top Off A Look With:

Kenneth Jay Lane 22-Karat Gold Plated Resin and Crystal Ring $150

Inka’s Aqua Blue Octopus and Fish Cocktail Ring $39.95

Lisa Freede Gold Dome Ring $98

nOir “New Novelty” Rose Gold and Purple Cocktail Ring $115

Low Luv by Erin Wasson Wide 14k Plated Black Crystal Cocktail Ring $130

Vivienne Westwood Enamel Armour Ring $298

Marc by Marc Jacobs Metal Ribbons Twist Ring $68

Kendra Scott Ramsee Ring $56.99

Viva Fede Futtoro Ring $242

Arden B Crystal Rock Ring $24

Low Luv by Erin Wasson 14k Plated Triple Crystal Cocktail Ring $160

Belle Noel by Kim Kardashian 14k Gold Stone and Pave Cocktail Ring $26.99

Aki’s Large Green Genuine Stone Cocktail Ring $47.95

Vince Camuto Flat Polished Ring $38.99

ASOS Digital Heart Ring $10.44

Forever 21 Shimmering Knuckle Ring $7.80

Jules Smith Talon Ring $85

Judith Jack Nova Ring $220.99

nOir Spike Ring $44.99

Erickson Beamon Confetti Ring $378

ASOS Pack of 3 Enamel Moustache Charm Rings $13.92

Aqua Yellow Deco Ring $35

Charles Albert Agate Slice Ring $75

CZ by Kenneth Jay Lane Three Tier Multi CZ Band Ring $124.99

Erickson Beamon Color Me Crazy Ring $522

Trina Turk Blues & Corals Striped Resin Ring $70

Vita Fede Roma Ring $231

Wildfox Couture Bull Head Ring $45

Made Her Think Talon Knuckle Buster $143

Tarina Tarantino Fiore “Bacio” Ring $55

Marcia Moran Oval Agate Drusy Oversized Ring $235

Quick Ways to Make Your Outfit Pop

If you’re like me, you love dressing up, but don’t always have the time, energy or the dream wardrobe for that matter to create new looks day to day.  One of my favorite ways to dress on the go and still feel put together is by adding jewelry.  It instantly takes your jeans and t-shirt into something a little more polished.  I’m always surprised how a unique necklace or chunky bracelet can start conversations and make you remembered.  I have some special pieces that are a little costly, but most of my favorite pieces are $50 or less.


Top left to right: Pink and Metal Bracelet from Gap in stores only (no more than $30), Blue Beaded Bracelet from BCBG in stores only, Silver Bead Braided Bracelet from Pier 1 Imports in stores only (just a couple dollars), Gold Watch from Michael Kors $250, Elastic Gold Embellished Bracelets from BCBG in stores only

Bottom left to right: Blue Agate Necklace from Planet Blue $24, Circle Ring from Michael Kors $85, BCBG Pave Bracelet from BCBG $58, Pink Bangle from Prive (former deal site, now shut down – was around $10), Gold Bangles from Home Goods (I believe it was $5/10 bangles)


Top left to right: Pave Ring gift, Goldfill Stacking Rings and Silver Droplet Ring from Favor Jewelry $18 each, Twisted Diamond Ring gift, Delicate Love Necklace gift, Gold Hoop Earrings gift, Silver Beaded Necklace from The American Visionary Art in Baltimore (this was like $15), Gold Doubled Ring by CC Skye but find similar style here for $15, Silver Circle Necklace (I’ve had forever – find similar style here for $17.49), Gold Hourglass Necklace gift, Gold Heart Necklace gift, Swarovski Crystal Ring is no longer available, but you can find similar styles like this one on their website

Bottom left to right: Rose Gold Earrings from Rachel Roy no longer available, bought on sale for $10, Silly Bandz pack of 6 for $4, Snake Earrings from BCBG in stores only, Silver Beaded Bracelet from Tiffany & Co $200, Multicolored Ring bought on the street in Venice for $1, Gold Link Bracelet bought on sale at but find same style with an added flair here for $150, Rose Gold Spiked Bracelet no longer available, Silver “Believe in You” Bracelet gift, Blue and Gold Rock Ring bought at a kiosk in Baltimore for a few dollars

Some Jewels I’ve had my eye on:

Hexagon Bangle from Pink Mascara photo taken from website $55

Spike Earrings from Rachel Roy photo taken from website $42

Horn Circle Earrings from Rachel Roy photo taken from website $32

Gold and Turquoise Earrings from Shopbop photo taken from website $15

Pink Necklace from Shopbop photo taken from website $54

Colorful Bangles from Shopbop photo taken from website $89

Trina Turk bracelet from Revolve Clothing photo taken from website $70

Lucite Bangle from Opensky photo taken from website $49 once you sign up with

Dreamcatcher Bracelet from Planet Blue photo taken from website $8 each

Drop Ring from Favor Jewelry photo taken from website $34

Silver Watch from Nixon photo taken from website $100