When I moved to Southern California, I pictured myself tan, waking up early to skateboard down to the coast to surf for an hour before work, and basically just accidentally slipping into a super toned and slender physique a la Kate Bosworth, which seemed pretty easy according to my research of watching Blue Crush over and over.

First of all, I’m of Irish decent.  I’m pretty sure the only step between pale and burnt is blistered, which I really should know by now.  Also, it’s my 5th year in and the only thing I have to show for my skateboarding skills is a permanent scar and to be honest with you, I’ve not come as far as shoulder deep in the Pacific, so surfing isn’t working out so well.  I also moved here just before June, which sent me into a deep depression once I learned of the phrase, “June Gloom”.

Living by the beach… it’s actually cold.  Not in terms of snow or single digit Winter weather, but let’s just say leaving the house without a sweater is 9 times out of 10 a big mistake.  Also, almost like clockwork, when each June rolls around, the sky turns dark and remains overcast for the remainder of the month.  I’m convinced this is karma for all the egos and bad intentions that fill this town (half joking).

I take a personal protest by using the weekends to stay in bed, watch movies and order cheap Chinese food.  My attire?  Can’t live without my comfy robes.  Whether I’m sick, relaxing or even getting ready to go out – it’s my go to.  I also never travel without one.  I’ve managed to acquire quite the collection ranging from my favorite warm and cozy (pictured 1st) to a light, short sleeved printed wrap (pictured 2nd) to use while straightening my hair and doing my makeup.


Kashwere Adult Shawl Collared Robe $135

*First heard of this from my friend Courtney (THANK YOU). 

Josie Interrupted Floral Short Robe $52.80

Kiku Cotton Kimono in Kyoto Floral Print $156.56

Lacoste ‘Smash’ Robe $69.99

Topshop Rose Robe $45

Oscar de la Renta Pink Label Heavenly Lace Long Robe $79

Splendid Soft Luxurious Robe $82.60

Hudson Park Boxed Robe $99.99

Marc by Marc Jacobs Serpent Nightwear Robe $81

Victoria’s Secret Long Terry Robe $44.99

In Bloom by Jonquil ‘Blossom Bouquet’ Wrap $68

Gilligan & OMalley Women’s MixMatch Robe $21.99

Lauren by Ralph Lauren Sleepwear Stripe Spa Robe $64

Calvin Klein Underwear Essentials Satin Short Robe $56.25

In Bloom by Joquil ‘Animal Patch’ Wrap Robe $58

Natori ‘Sapa’ Robe $170

Gap Stretch Jersey Short Robe $44.50

Anthropologie Blooming Rose Robe $78

Forever 21 French Terry Sleep Robe $15.80


Workout Tops

Everyone’s heard that you are more productive when you feel good about what you’re wearing.  When it comes to workout gear, this becomes even more important for me.  I’ll admit I’ve definitely put on a cute workout outfit only to parade around town appearing like I’ve just hit the gym when I really just wanted an excuse to wear a zip-up, sneakers and stretchy pants, but when I do make it to a group class, there’s no doubt I work harder when I’m in something I like.

A good sports bra and black stretchy pants are pretty much my staples, but I like to mix it up when it comes to the tops.  It’s fun to try different shapes and wear bright colors to add a little more interest.  So, save the sweatpants and oversized top for sleeping and start dressing the part!  Maybe it will motivate you to burn some extra calories…. or maybe you’ll just end up looking better running errands.

Tops That Mix Up Your Workout:

Hard Tail Scoop Back Tank Top $58

Nike ‘Critical Epic’ Sweatshirt $68

Adidas by Stella McCartney $65

Lululemon Wild Jacket $138

GapFit Motion Seamless Racerback Tank $29.95

Old Navy Women’s Active Seamless V-Neck $16.99

Hard Tail Diamond Back Tee $58

Lululemon Practice Freely Tank $58

Lucy Distance Long Sleeve Top $24.99

Lululemon Wild 1/2 Zip $98

Sweaty Betty Lightning Tank $50

Lucy Yoga Siren Racerback $49

Adidas by Stella McCartney Burnout Tee $80

Lucy Double Dip Dye Tee $19.99

Sweaty Betty Pavana LS Top $60

GapFit Motion Seamless Top $34.95

Lucy Spin Fusion Racerback $59

Hard Tail Wide Neck Top $64