Reiko Kaneko Tableware

To say I am completely obsessed with Reiko Kaneko is an understatement.  I just read about her in this month’s Lucky, immediately logged onto the website and have yet to close the page.  My adoration of all things gold has been alive and kicking for as long as I can remember and I’m finding a theme in my home decorating with equal parts luxury and witty.  There’s something about achieving that fine line that creates a well-kept, but still comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

Reiko Kaneko completely got it right.  Her uber professional ceramics with just the right touch of fun instantly moved them to the top of my lust list.

Pieces From Reiko Kaneko’s Collection I’m Dying For:

Drip Tease Mug in Gold $17.50

Drip Tease Cup and Saucer in Gold $28.50

Drip Tease Milk Jug in Gold $25

Lip Tease Mug in Gold $17.50

Lip Tease Cup and Saucer in Gold $28.50

Set of 6 Crack and Thunder Dinner Plates $112

Set of 6 Crack and Thunder Side Plates $90


Although most kitschy items usually cause me to roll my eyes, I am oddly attracted to fun, unique household items that scream personality, but also offer a useful function. While strolling Abbot Kinney the other day, I visted A+R and was overwhelmed by the whimsical accessories I am now lusting for. They have a great website and offer lots of gifty (for others or for you!) brilliance for pretty much any age group or occasion.

My A+R Favorites:

Hay + Scholten & Baijings’ Tea Towels $32

Menu & Christian Bjorn’s Steam Tower $100

FusionBrand’s Food Pod $15

Gaia & Gino & Aruliden’s Fishscape Fish Bowl $170

MYdrap’s Perforated Roll of Cotton Placemats & Napkins $25-36

Thea & Mehl & Teroforma’s Avva Tumblers & Carafe Set $46

Normann Copenhagen & Aurelien Barbry’s Cork Wine + Bar Set $29

Karim Rashid & Move Collective’s Bobble Filtering Water Bottle $7-15

Domestic & Ich & Kar’s I Love Me Heart Wall Stickers $96

Hector & Serrano’s Air Heads Animal Balloon Set $14

RS Barcelona’s Indoor/Outdoor RS#3 Foosball Table $3450

Harry Allen’s C’mere Hand Gold Edition $85

Yuen’to Design & Idea International’s Hand-Cranked Paper Shredder $44

Yuen’to Design’s Balloon USB Speaker $35

ByWhiteDesign’s Le Petit Dej’ Breakfast Tray $92

Harry Allen’s Rollerstop Bookend/Doorstop $95-185

Rablab’s Agate Candle Holders $110

Found Art

Like most things I put in my home, the art I select is particular.  Sometimes my favorites are out of my price range, most of the time it has to accent the decor, but always – every time – it has to make me happy.  I had been on the hunt for a dreamcatcher in an attempt to help with nightmares (it can’t help, right?!), but was consistently running into the problem that the ones I selected were too kitschy or clearly belonged in a room for a person that hadn’t reached the double digit age range.

One of my favorite pass times is navigating around Etsy to try and find unique items.  When I found Ana Victoria Calderon, an artist out of Mexico, I practically jumped.  First of all, her eye for precision and color amazed me, but it was her Woven Web Of Life Dreamcatcher $17 that made this discovery feel meant to be.  I’m a firm believer that art can be outrageously expensive or free, but doesn’t really resonate with a person until they look at it and smile.  This piece currently sits framed on my wall, right by my bed, and whether it’s magic or my naivety, I’m sleeping soundly.

‘Woven Web of Life Dreamcatcher’ feather’s series

Some of my other favorite’s from Ms. Calderon:

*find her work on her Etsy page (anavicky) or her website

‘Foliage Dream’ dreams series

‘Help!’ the beatles series

‘Feathers’ feathers series

‘Black Mamba’ flora series

‘Dharma’ mandala series



I love shopping for little things that bring joy into my home.  I’ve forever had a knack for gifty items and enjoy finding a quirky or colorful detail to add to an open space.  Leif is a website I frequent for their fun and unique small home accessories.  I’m embracing the “no rules” decor idea by incorporating dinner bowls into my jewelry storage system, pencil jars for hair accessories and pretty magnets for keeping bobby pins in one place.  Thinking outside the box only makes your home more you.

Some Of My Favorite Items from Leif:

Square Color Chip Box $56

Striped Taper Candles $24

Small Jar in Sugar Sunset $85

Gemstone Magnet Set $36

Spear Print Tray $80

Tree Bark Wine Stopper $8

Batik Tray and Spreader Set $48

Oblong Color Chip Box $84

Confetti Tumbler $35

Atomic Salt & Pepper Shakers $50

Pastel Sorbet Cup Set $78

Madelaine Necklace in Lavender $228

Small Knit Color Cozy Mug $26

Stacking Dots Rings $26

Drink Tags

With the 4th of July coming up, expectations include fireworks, friends and food.  I love holidays where people are able to come together and spend the day without a list of things that have to get done.  Party planning is something I enjoy, but this year I’m opting for a more casual environment where friends can come and relax… no RSVP necessary.  Although I’m not going all out, I still think it’s nice to provide a few personal touches when people come over.

One accessory any party appreciates are drink tags.  They’re fun and something to make guests feel a little more welcome.  Don’t want to pay for it?  It’s an easy DIY.  Cut stars out of thick glittery paper, hole punch a place to tie a colored string and offer holiday tags in different colors for people to use for the day!

Drink Name Tags:

Etsy OhioWoodandIronWorks Chalkboard Beverage Tags $12.95

Etsy PolishedTwo Skull Wine Glass Charms $10

Etsy AnyWhichWayBoutique Paper Drink Tags $4.50

Etsy GlassActSupply Mason Jar Pendant Drink Tags $9

FredFlare Wine Glass Name Tags $9

My Drink Label Personalized Drink Labels $7.99

Prepping For 2013 Already??

This year is going by at a terrifyingly fast pace.  I’m constantly saying that, but it seriously feels to become more and more true as I get older.  If you’ve been reading this blog somewhat consistently, you know I love trying out new things – restaurants, beauty products, scoring a deal on a new top, etc., but there are certain things I have found to work for me that I stay very loyal to.

I’ve always had a thing for calendars, and although most of my schedule is on my phone for convenience, I feel more organized and on top of things if I can physically write the things I need to do on a large calendar.  My absolute favorite is the Paper Source Academic Great Big Wall Calendar $29.95, that normally sits below my laptop.  Of course I stock up on new Gel Pens to color coordinate for the new year as well, and the light brown paper really makes the colors pop!

In the past, I’ve run into trouble forgetting to order one in time and finding myself a quarter into the new year feeling lost because it has been sold out, so last year I decided to sign up for an email reminder, which I just got!  I love Paper Source for fun gifts, stationary, and find this particular product useful because it is big enough to pack in my busy days within its’ squares and also write notes on the side.  I like to put a small resolution on each month’s notes column like “Drink More Water” or “Clean One Drawer/Week” to remind myself that little goals are easier to obtain.  I’m experienced enough to know that year-long resolutions (at least for me) go right out the window.


Flower Subscriptions

As I get more and more into my beauty subscriptions, I’ve been curious what other kinds of delivery services are available to enhance my home.  I figured there would have to be mailers to update the house in even a small way, as the convenience of these things are worth the price.  I was thrilled to find information on Flower Maid, a Los Angeles based weekly or bi-weekly flower subscription.

Prices range from $10-20/week depending on size and how many types of fresh cut flowers that you arrange yourself, or subscribe to already done bouquets for $15-30/week.

For East Coast readers, H. Bloom is a great company that does the same thing ($29-85/bouquet depending on flower choices) or pay for a full year in advance conveniently at Calyx Flowers ($479.95 for full year or $269.95/6 months).

Curtains on Etsy

A great way to personalize your space (especially if you’re in an apartment) is by using bold or accent curtains.  I’ve been drawn to a lot of custom design on Etsy lately.  Each provide their own contribution to a well decorated home.

Some Favorite Curtains Currently Sold On Etsy:

Kirtamdesigns Colorblock Curtains $320/2

Jpetersstaged Horizontal Stripe Curtain Panels $195/2

Jpetersstaged Patterned Curtains $170/2

Kirtamdesigns Linen Curtains $170/2

Kirtamdesigns Vertical Stripe Curtains $260/2

NaturallyHomeDecor Burlap Houndstooth Curtains $130/1

DesignerPillowShop Grey Zig Zag Curtains $110

Kirtamdesigns Unlined Curtains $170/2

SewSouthernSewn Custom Geometric Blackout Curtains $100/1

Amberrosesgarden01 White Ruffled Curtains $150/2

A D.I.Y. I Can Handle: Candle Centerpieces

We’ve discussed here how my D.I.Y. skills are not up to par, but I try… which most of the time ends in embarrassment.  One of my goals for this year was to be a little more thrifty and to work on taking projects into my own hands.  After a few failed attempts, I’ve decided to start small.

When I found this image on Martha Stewart’s website, I instantly knew it would be the inspiration for the next outdoor Summer BBQ.  It’s inexpensive and easy!

Make Your Own:

streamers ($.79/80′ roll) – buy 4 colors in similar hues

candles ($3.99/12)

double-stick tape ($1.66)

candle holders ($3.99-$13.99 each)

**I think it could look even better with these birch tea candle holders! Love these!! ($12/set of 3 assorted)

One Kings Lane

Although I’m constantly stalking high end goods, I have severe buyer’s remorse and thrive on a good deal.  I belong to what seems like every discount online shopping site and am pretty reliable for even knowing the day and time of when things go on sale because of my compulsive website checking.  It’s a sick gift.

Of all the off-price sites I browse for home goods, one of my favorites is One Kings Lane.  They offer a great variety of quality goods.  I’ve seriously never been disappointed with a purchase, which is rare.  There’s also a lot of price ranges, so whether you’re looking to update a major piece or just bring in a colorful inexpensive teapot into your life, this site is definitely one to check out.

Some Of My Favorite Pieces On Sale Now (but not for long, so hurry!):

John W. Golden Art Dream Big Poster $28


Leon Wingback Club Chair $1249


Diva Espresso Maker $799


14″ Metallic Tray $49


Anatolian Kilim 8 x 5’4″ Rug $1675


Multicolored Hamper $59


Magenta Gingham Cake Plate $49


Palmer Cream/Brass Ottoman $199


Cobalt Iris Pitcher $16


Outdoor Adirondack Green Chair $279