Reiko Kaneko Tableware

To say I am completely obsessed with Reiko Kaneko is an understatement.  I just read about her in this month’s Lucky, immediately logged onto the website and have yet to close the page.  My adoration of all things gold has been alive and kicking for as long as I can remember and I’m finding a theme in my home decorating with equal parts luxury and witty.  There’s something about achieving that fine line that creates a well-kept, but still comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

Reiko Kaneko completely got it right.  Her uber professional ceramics with just the right touch of fun instantly moved them to the top of my lust list.

Pieces From Reiko Kaneko’s Collection I’m Dying For:

Drip Tease Mug in Gold $17.50

Drip Tease Cup and Saucer in Gold $28.50

Drip Tease Milk Jug in Gold $25

Lip Tease Mug in Gold $17.50

Lip Tease Cup and Saucer in Gold $28.50

Set of 6 Crack and Thunder Dinner Plates $112

Set of 6 Crack and Thunder Side Plates $90


Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) is quickly becoming one of my new favorite beauty brands.  There’s nothing I like more than experimenting with color and combining products to get a personalized look.  This company was formed on these principals.  All their products are also vegan and cruelty-free (not only making it better morally, but also for your skin), so that’s another plus!

I’m in love with their Lip Tar, which everyone is talking about because it lasts longer than any lip product I own and is as good for your lips as it looks on them (contains Vitamin E, Hemp Oil and Peppermint Oil).  You only need a little bit (seriously don’t overdo it and use a lip brush) and the product brings vibrant color.  It goes on shiny and dries more matte.  They encourage you to mix colors to make your own and with the variety of amazing colors they offer, it’s almost impossible not to.

When I saw Lucky Magazine’s Daily Deal (if you have not subscribed to this, do it!), which includes 4 amazing colors plus a lip brush for $29.50 (they’re normally $14 each), I literally clapped.

Other Lip Tar Shades I’m Dying To Try ($14):

Other OCC Products I Can’t Wait To Test:

Loose Color Concentrates $12 (easiest to use on eyes, but is designed to work effectively on cheeks, lips and body too!)

Tinted Moisturizer $25

Nail Polish: $8

Primer $25 (use under foundation and eye color to make makeup last)

Lusting For:

OCC Portable Airbrush Makeup Starter Kit $399

My Favorite Online Shopping Spots

I do a lot of online shopping.  It’s super convenient and I like to be able to scour different sites to make sure I’m getting the best deals and sort through sales without feeling like I’m digging for gold amongst designer thirsty style enthusiasts in my way.  There are also a lot of free shipping incentives, along with discounted departments every day.  The easiest way to find out about deals and savings?  Sign up for the website’s daily email.  Yes, this can be incredibly annoying and as someone who wakes up each day with a minimum of 50 new emails all saying, “Indulge on _____ today, you deserve it!”, I get it.  That person definitely does not know my life.  If she did, she’d probably say “OK, Taylor, you can probably pass on your fourth pair of strappy sandals, don’t you think?”.  BUT, if you can develop a level of self control, it’s a great way to look out for things you are looking for.

I narrowed down my long list of online shopping sources below to include my very favorites.

Department Stores/Specialty Stores:

Designer Websites:

Online Retailers:

Specifically Shoes:




Look for Less Spots:

Sale Sites/Daily Mailers: (I belong to all of the off price sites, but I find Gilt features the best products for the best prices) (Neiman Marcus Off Price) (Sign up for their deal of the day) (You can sign up for their clothing and home goods mailers) (Home Goods)

Beauty/Hair: (great deals!)

Home Goods/Office Supplies: (artificial flowers)

Tech Stuff: (love their mouse-pads)