I’m a huge follower of website’s that provide good deals.  I’m inundated with emails every morning that show offers and discounts around the city, so it takes something special to stand out.  I’ve been a member of the Mint’s (ShoeMint w/ Rachel Bilson and Nicole Chavez, StyleMint with the Olsen twins, JewelMint with Kate Bosworth and Cher Coulter, BeautyMint with Jessica Simpson and Nerida Joy) since their inception.  The idea is to take industry professionals and well-known celebrities to curate collections in their prospective areas that offer wonderful discounts to members.  I shop them a lot because I’ve found them to show goods that are quality, but more importantly unique.

I’m very excited about the newest Mint to join the group – HomeMint.  Justin Timberlake and Estee Stanley (well known celebrity stylist/home designer) team up to bring members great finds using their well trained eye.  They bring in new pieces every month, so I’ll definitely be interested to see where the collections go, but I’m impressed with the first batch!

Pieces from HomeMint I like so far:

Nubby Silk Pillow $39.99

Chalk Board & Ceramic Storage Jars $69.99

New Wave by Sage Vaughn $149.99

Casablanca Tea Glasses $14.99

Green Maze Pillow $34.99

Decorative Brass Skull $349.99

Tarascon Dinner Plates $29.99

Downtown by Justin Timberlake $499.99


Tech Accessories

I will never forget my first cell phone.  I had to have the rectangular Nokia (you know, the one with Snake on it) and still think back with pride realizing how fast of a texter I was even with 3 letters on each button.  I obsessed with changing the covers to show off different colors and prints in an effort to make a rather bulky looking device “cute”.  Things have certainly come far since then; sometimes it feels like I can’t even go a month without a new tech accessory catching my eye, which makes personalizing these things (which we spend so much time on!) fun, as well as reflect our personal style.

I recently purchased a new mouse pad from Freshly Picked ($35) and an iPhone case from J Crew ($25) to spruce up my gadget’s looks for Spring.  Sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself to something like this because they’ve become as much of a part of our look as our shoes or handbag!

Tech Accessories I’m Geeking Out For:

Native Union Pop Phone (plugs into your cell phone) $29

Diane von Furstenberg Ear Buds $25

Micro Gem Headphones $25.60

UrbanEars Headphones $60

Portable Speaker (plugs into your cell phone) $14.99

iPhone Desktop Headset $59.95

Heart Shaped Splitter (so two people can listen to one song/movie, etc) $14.99

Diane von Furstenberg Travel Adapter $98

Microphone Speaker (plugs into your cell phone) $24

VooMote Zapper (universal remote that plugs into your cell phone) $69.95

USB Tulip Hub $24

Poodle USB Hub $16

Nerdy Hello Kitty Flash Drive $17.95

Gold Plated Flash Drive/Key-chain $45

Rebecca Minkoff Animal Print iPhone Case $38

Jagger Edge Knocker iPhone Case $90 with Skull Charm $22 and Rabbit Charm $28

Rebecca Minkoff Tiger iPhone Case $38

Rebecca Minkoff ‘Knuckles’ iPhone Case $58

Marc by Marc Jacobs Phone Wallet $168

Cable Knit Cashmere iPad Sleeve $82

Diane von Furstenberg Floral iPad Case $136

Dannijo Reid iPad Case $105

Marc Jacobs Leather iPad Case $495

Kate Spade Stripe Laptop Case $60

Billykirk Laptop Case $209

Ted Baker Patent Leather Laptop Case $90

Speck See-Thru Case for the MacBook Pro $69.95

Anya Hindmarch Camera Case $150

Marc by Marc Jacobs Camera Case $378

Rainbow Camera Chain $65

*all photos taken from websites they are linked to