When I moved to Southern California, I pictured myself tan, waking up early to skateboard down to the coast to surf for an hour before work, and basically just accidentally slipping into a super toned and slender physique a la Kate Bosworth, which seemed pretty easy according to my research of watching Blue Crush over and over.

First of all, I’m of Irish decent.  I’m pretty sure the only step between pale and burnt is blistered, which I really should know by now.  Also, it’s my 5th year in and the only thing I have to show for my skateboarding skills is a permanent scar and to be honest with you, I’ve not come as far as shoulder deep in the Pacific, so surfing isn’t working out so well.  I also moved here just before June, which sent me into a deep depression once I learned of the phrase, “June Gloom”.

Living by the beach… it’s actually cold.  Not in terms of snow or single digit Winter weather, but let’s just say leaving the house without a sweater is 9 times out of 10 a big mistake.  Also, almost like clockwork, when each June rolls around, the sky turns dark and remains overcast for the remainder of the month.  I’m convinced this is karma for all the egos and bad intentions that fill this town (half joking).

I take a personal protest by using the weekends to stay in bed, watch movies and order cheap Chinese food.  My attire?  Can’t live without my comfy robes.  Whether I’m sick, relaxing or even getting ready to go out – it’s my go to.  I also never travel without one.  I’ve managed to acquire quite the collection ranging from my favorite warm and cozy (pictured 1st) to a light, short sleeved printed wrap (pictured 2nd) to use while straightening my hair and doing my makeup.


Kashwere Adult Shawl Collared Robe $135

*First heard of this from my friend Courtney (THANK YOU). 

Josie Interrupted Floral Short Robe $52.80

Kiku Cotton Kimono in Kyoto Floral Print $156.56

Lacoste ‘Smash’ Robe $69.99

Topshop Rose Robe $45

Oscar de la Renta Pink Label Heavenly Lace Long Robe $79

Splendid Soft Luxurious Robe $82.60

Hudson Park Boxed Robe $99.99

Marc by Marc Jacobs Serpent Nightwear Robe $81

Victoria’s Secret Long Terry Robe $44.99

In Bloom by Jonquil ‘Blossom Bouquet’ Wrap $68

Gilligan & OMalley Women’s MixMatch Robe $21.99

Lauren by Ralph Lauren Sleepwear Stripe Spa Robe $64

Calvin Klein Underwear Essentials Satin Short Robe $56.25

In Bloom by Joquil ‘Animal Patch’ Wrap Robe $58

Natori ‘Sapa’ Robe $170

Gap Stretch Jersey Short Robe $44.50

Anthropologie Blooming Rose Robe $78

Forever 21 French Terry Sleep Robe $15.80



Let me start off by saying it took me a long time to get on board with this one.  Rompers can look amazing but are also a hot bed for looking like a fool.  There is only one thing you have to be sure of – FIT.  It should not be loose or baggy (especially in the back) and definitely not too tight.  They should be fitted in all areas.  It may even take a visit to the tailor.

Once you have the right proportions, however, they can be amazing.  SO easy to wear and they’re perfect for a weekend getaway like my trip to Santa Barbara these next couple of days.  They’re pretty no fuss and allow you to not have to put a lot of effort into coming up with a great outfit.

Ready To Wear Rompers:

Monrow Shorts Romper $175

Michael Stars Highline Stripe Strapless Smocked Romper $88

Forever 21 Smocked Abstract Print Romper $19.80

Zimmerman Rebel Frill Playsuit $350

Lulu’s Floral Print Romper $60

Robert Rodriguez Colorblock Romper $325

Urban Outfitters Motel Janet Romper $90

6 Shore Road Rum Punch Romper $82.60

Lanston French Terry BF Romper $143

Rory Beca Mar Drawstring Romper $105

Forever 21 Buttoned Floral Romper $12.50

DKNY Cotton Stripe Romper $86.98

Rory Beca Mar Drawstring V Neck Romper $233

Forever 21 Floral Surplice Back Romper $19.80

Urban Outfitters Reformed by The Reformation Lina Romper $69

Victoria’s Secret Slip-On Romper $28.50

Bathing Suits

Shopping for bathing suits can often times bring back an innate feeling of sheer terror coupled with an inexplicable reaction that sends me straight to bed and into the fetal position.  In those times, I’m reminded of my first sixth grade mixer (I went to an all girls school, so this was our first interaction with boys – well, at least a whole group of them).  I walked into the room, confident, in floral printed jeans and a tight white tube top, hair slicked back with a massive amount of gel (I was very self conscious of my frizz at this point and had not yet found my best friend, the straightener), feeling goooood.

The first thing I remember seeing was the wall.  On the other side of the room.  BECAUSE I WAS SEEING OVER EVERYONE’S HEAD.  Literally every single person in there (including most teacher’s) were inches shorter than me.  I spent the night hunched over, dancing in some sort of weird, distorted position that I’m pretty sure would later contribute to lower back problems… not to mention that experience scarred me so much that most of the pictures I have with a group of friends show me with a deep bend in my knees and head cocked in order to seem like “just one of the girls”.

Needless to say, I learned quick (well, more like after years and years of doing my best to conform) that to look your best, you have to dress, walk, live by YOUR body.  There is nothing worse than a person who tries to wear something “because it looked so good on that girl”… believe me, I’ve tried.

Flattering bathing suits are perhaps one of the trickiest to find because, let’s face it, they’re tight and little.  For me, I’ve found shopping for them are best with a spray tan and alone.  I love my girlfriends, but there’s nothing worse than bringing along a size 2 parading around in her brazilian cut bikini saying “but my thighs are just so out of proportion with my little body”.  Everyone has their issues, but don’t concern yourself with anyone’s but your own while standing in front of a mirror half naked.

Bathing suits I’m loving right now:

Victoria’s Secret Belle Bandeau Top $24 and Bottoms $18

*I have this and love it.  It comes with a strap for more support and you can mix and match prints/solids.

Tyler Rose Top $93 and Bottoms $89

Vix Logo Bikini Top $88 and Bottoms $88

Thayer Halter One Piece $209

French Connection Grecian Bikini Top $45.23 and Bottoms $45.23

Tori Praver Malis Bikini Top $99 and Bottoms $93

Mikoh Galapagos One Piece $194

Heidi Klein Bow Bikini Top $168 and Bottoms $136

Zinke Bustier Bikini Top $99 and Bottoms $66

Lisa Marie Fernandez The Farrah Maillot $395

Vitamin A’s Ballerina Sliding Triangle Top $80 and Bottoms $77

Seafolly Gingham Bow Bandeau Top $99.15 and Bottoms $69.58

Indah Crochet Bikini Top $102

OndadeMar Twist Bikini Top $100 and Bottoms $88

Victoria’s Secret Push-Up Bandeau Top $28 and Bottoms $18

Alloy Underwire Bandeau Top $15.90 and Bottoms $11.90

ONE by Down the Garden Path one Piece $165

L*Space Sliding Triangle Top $84 and Bottoms $84

6 Shore Road Dot Bikini Top $68 and Bottoms $64

Herve Leger Sporty Bikini $490

Kushcush Lauren One Piece $159

Alloy Goddess Bandeau $19.90 and Bottoms $19.90

Norma Kamali Halter Bikini Top $175

Tigerlily Shebari One Piece $154

L*Space Dolly Bandeau Bikini Top $73


-when buying online, I like to purchase from websites that are returnable

-get to know the shapes and colors that flatter your body (color is an underrated important factor)

-try them on feeling good, whether that is with a fake tan, after you exercise or even after a cocktail (but not too many cocktails because that leads to tears – trust me)

-under no circumstances should you buy a bathing suit that will “look good on you after your boot camp classes”, buy suits that look good on you NOW

-purchase a great pair of black bottoms so you can mix and match tops… maximizes the money you spend so you get tops that actually fit